Cool Girls' Summit is a quarterly gathering of uber-cool women (you're one!) Please join our mailing list, or if you prefer to keep in touch via social media, join our Facebook Group

I incorporate Open Floor movement practices into our summits. Through movement and inquiry we build community and draw upon the full intelligence of individuals and groups. Prepare to BE MOVED! 


Next Summit? Saturday, June 2nd from 1pm-5pm in Point Richmond, CA.

Sharing Wisdom of the Ages — A multi generational conversation

Women of all ages share their Wisdom and Experiences with Commitment

led by Kit Pappenheimer and Ashleigh Shepherd


2018: The Year of YES

Do you know what you want, but are not sure how to get there? Make 2018 your "Year of YES"!

Groups will be facilitated by Kit Pappenheimer. Kit will help you get past the story that slows you down and keeps you from creating what you truly want.

 You will be selected to participate in a group with likeminded/like-focused women who, along with Kit, will help you focus and activate your project.

We all can use some support and encouragement. NOW is your time.

Let's get moving!