I’m a get-off-your-tush and get-it-done kind of coach.

I have over 25 years' experience in public education in the Bay Area -- 15 years running schools, elementary, middle then high school.  I’m GREAT at identifying the steps, and prioritizing them, so you can overcome inertia and  make things happen.  I WILL support you in following your heart.  And I know how to help YOU build momentum, follow through, and manifest your dreams.

Kit helped me harness my ‘million’ good ideas and put the right ones into action. She has an intuitive way of seeing the whole picture which felt immensely skilful. She helped me bring my creative gifts to fruition in a compassionate, intelligent and frankly kick-ass way. This woman gets the job done!
— Charlotte

I have attractive coaching packages to help you set your course and launch.